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Accounting. Prompt. Efficient.

Accounts and annual financial statements are expected to provide increasing amounts of information. Lending institutions and investors no longer accept annual financial statements that comply with the bare minimum statutory requirements. We therefore provide our customers, upon request, with high-quality annual, quarterly or monthly financial statements that fulfil current transparency requirements. This applies to both the financial statements of individual companies and consolidated financial statements.

A detailed annual report also makes the business’s financial reporting more meaningful and transparent, both internally and externally. Moreover, meaningful figures form a sound basis for business decisions. 

Before you even start your company we can provide advice on the company structure that will best meet your needs and on its optimal location. Accounting also enables an early-warning system to be put in place so that any danger signals are picked up quickly.


Our range of accounting services includes: 

  • Financial accounting for small and medium-sized enterprises and owner-managed businesses
  • Subsidiary bookkeeping (payroll, accounts receivable / payable, asset accounting)
  • Production of interim and annual financial statements as well as analyses and optimization proposals in the light of fiscal and taxation-related considerations
  • Reporting under national and international rules (Swiss Code of Obligations / IFRS)
  • Organization and design of financial and accounting processes
  • Assistance with the transformation in the digital accounting world
  • Administrative management (transactions, invoicing, monitoring of accounts receivable, managing accounts payable)
  • Administration of associations and clubs