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Our payroll specialists offer you a wide range of services and comprehensive expertise in the sensitive area of payroll accounting and payroll administration.

Our range of payroll services includes:

  • Generating payslips (calculating the necessary deductions or supplements, monthly pay, hourly pay, executive pay, overtime, bonuses, employee profit-sharing, salary reductions)
  • Preparing salary payments, including generating an electronic payment file (XML file)
  • Generating and dispatching payslips (electronically via email or as hard copies)
  • Generating the monthly accounting document (electronically or as a hard copy)
  • Payroll administration / changes with regard to social security funds
  • Preparing for and providing guidance with AHV, SUVA or withholding tax audits
  • Producing the year-end declaration for the social security funds
  • Year-end declarations of the social security funds and the pension fund
  • Issuing salary statements
  • Producing tailor-made evaluations
  • Providing advice on social security, pensions and employment law


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